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Guy Remi Champagne, a small 3.4 hectare family owned domaine in the Marne Valley, sold Champagne to my French grandparents for over 70 years. For five generations they grew grapes for the bigger Champagne houses but for the last two generations, now under the watchful eye of Nathalie and Jérémy, grow and produce their very own. Using sustainable agriculture, natural insecticides and minimal intervention in the vineyards, they produce a number of expressive wines typical of the Marne region and centered around its mainstay grape: Pinot Meunier. I took a trip to Champagne a few years ago to meet them - not least the legendary Guy Remi himself who sadly passed away this November - and having seen, tasted and loved their wines am so pleased to be shipping them to the UK.

Brut Tradition NV is a Blanc de Noirs Champagne - a special blend of only the two permitted black grapes in Champagne without one Chardonnay grape (the third permitted variety) in sight. Whilst Chardonnay offers fragrance, citrus notes and an affinity to age, the black grapes are no-nonsense, bringing soft fruit, weight and complexity. The resulting style is fuller and softer, smooth and easy, with plenty of good fruit and biscuit notes but without that harsh acidity that Chardonnay often brings. Typical of the Marne valley, Guy Remi's Brut Tradition is what I deem to be the perfect, affordable session Champagne and one that's perfect for Christmas, weddings, christenings or any other celebration.

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Available in a range of options to suit you, with a case discount on six bottles and a discount on three bottles. Single bottles, gift wrapped in mm branded bags with exclusive mm wine cards (£22.95) are available for collection and to 6 bottle cases (£19.95 per bottle). Each order is presented in its distinctive mm packaging and accompanied by an informative wine card with all the information and story behind the winery and the wine.


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    Guy Remi Champagne: Single bottle

    1x Brut Tradition NV 75cl bottle gift wrapped an mm series bottle bag with 1x mm wine card.
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    Guy Remi Champagne: 3-5 bottles

    3-5 Brut Tradition NV 75cl bottles in an mm series branded bag with 1x mm wine card.
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    Guy Remi Champagne: 6+ bottles

    6x Brut Tradition NV 75cl bottles simply boxed and mm branded with 2x mm wine cards.
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    Guy Remi Champagne: Magnum

    Single Brut Tradition NV magnum simply boxed and mm branded with 1x mm wine card.