Where to start learning about wine?
What knowledge can you realistically gain and how?
What do you actually want to know and why?

The world of wine really is vast, and for all intents and purposes, infinite and no one person can know it all: from countries to grapes; from regions to wines; from vineyards to vintages.

But because winemaking is much a science just as appreciating it is an art , to get the most of out it, knowledge counts for nothing without experience and experience is useless without the knowledge. At it’s very best, wine is all about what you enjoy enlightened only by what you understand, and whilst knowing what you like about wine is everything, understanding its context and origin is the only way to really grow and diversify your wine experience.

To do this, you need to do two quite manageable things:

  1. Learn the basics of grapes, regions, wine making and enjoying wine.
  2. Drink and think about as many different wines as possible.

You won’t find all the answers to all the questions you have on wine in the pages that will follow, but you will start to realize that by understanding the basic principals and styles of wine you’ll be some way to getting the very most out of it.

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