Toured Tastings (Wedding Wines)

Grapes don’t grow on supermarket shelves, so there’s really very little you can learn and experience in visiting them. The most authentic, honest and enjoyable wine experience therefore can only really be gained from visiting the country, regions, vineyards and winemakers themselves to see and taste where and when, what, why and how wine is made.

the modest merchant arranges bespoke long weekend trips for two around the not too distant continent to taste wines from a number of regions, meet producers, visit wineries and vineyards to really drink, eat, sleep and breathe the world of wine. And to fully get the best value and memories out of the whole experience, together we will select a van load of wine to be brought back home: perfect for weddings, parties or just a re-stock of the cellar.

Not only will you be making a considerable saving on your wine purchase (sometime c.50% on a £10 UK bottle price), but they will be wines you have seen, tasted, experienced and got to know with a story and experience worth a hundred times more.

Below are a few examples of what’s possible:

Champagne, Sancerre and Burgundy - Example



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