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Alex Percy
The Modest Merchant
London, E2



Try out six new and exciting imports from two fantastic young winemakers in the Pays Nantais. This January, I had the great pleasure of meeting, tasting and adding two new young talented winemakers to my portfolio in the form of Nicolas Suteau and Jérémie Batard-Langelier.

Across 4 cuvées each hailing from different soils, Jéremie's wines show just what an incredible variety of terroir, differing lees aging and low intervention winemaking can do to the humble Melon de Bourgogne grape. Nicolas Suteau meanwhile choses to vinify in the absence of any sulphur that gives his Folle Blanche and Melon de Bourgogne an intensity of flavour and minerality unlike any other.

Muscadet has never had so much going on...

Consisting of:

1 x Batard Langelier | Polaris | 2018 | Loire
1 x Batard Langelier | Metaphore | 2017 | Muscadet
1 x Batard Langelier | Didascalie | 2017 | Loire

1 x Batard Langelier | Oxymore | 2016 | Loire

1 x Nicolas Suteau | Bohort | 2018 | Loire
1 x Nicolas Suteau | Arzur | 2018 | Loire

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