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Abrequina Olive Oil

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DO Tarragona, in the SW of Catalunya, was split into 2 parts when DO Montant was given its own status: Camp de Tarragona (from NW Tarragona and along the coast) and The River Ebro (slightly higher). Like so many Catalan DO's over 70% of its production is white and destined for Cava, although hundreds of years ago it was known for its sweet red and rancio wines. As the vineyards climb from the sea to the Serra de Montalt mountains, the soils and climates change from Mediterrnean to Continental, offering a wide range of wine style. In recent years there has been a concerted effort to modernise its wine production, incorporating new grapes and styles into the traditional vineyards of the region.

The Suñer family business was originally founded back in 1936 to produce high-quality olive oil from the banks of the river Ebre. A few years later the family began to produce bulk wines from old vine Macabeo and under Fernando Suñer increased vineyards and improved equipment. It was not until 1999 that third generation Manuel Suñer took the family it in a new direction. He renovated an old cellar located in the basement of the family house and created a small range of their own wines, that they now farm exclusively organically. Together he works with his daughter Mª Alba (winemaker) and son Josep (marketing and sales). They continue to make olive oil, organic bottled wine as well as bulk wine.

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Wine details

Country Spain
Region Tarragona
Producer Suñer
Wine Name Abrequina Olive Oil
Style Oil
Vintage NV
Main Grape Olive
Other Grapes
Size 6 x 100cl
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