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Alex Percy
The Modest Merchant
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Vittorini di Nico Speranza

Le Marche
Nico Speranza left a corporate job in Milan aged 30 to go and make wine in the countryside, one of many these days, he says. Set amongst the steep hills of Monsampietro Morico in the heart of Le Marche, Domenico Speranza, Nico's grandfather, set up the winery that Nico now runs. His goal is to make, "conscientious wine, the most natural way possible without ulterior motives and without shortcuts". And that's not a bad translation either, he is a proper poet. His cuvées are inspired by a Piedmont poets and Nick Cave alike. His production is a few thousand, and each year his wines change, using plantings of local Le Marche varieties; Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Pecorino, as well as Incrocio Bruni (Verdicchio-Sauvignon) and some Petit Verdot. Using alternative energy sources (geothermal and solar) he tries to reduce the wineries impact on the environment.
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Vittorini di Nico Speranza



Le Marche

Butter Honeyed Long Pineapple Rich Yellow-plum


Vittorini di Nico Speranza



Le Marche

Almond Apple Complex Lactic Olive Textured