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Alex Percy
The Modest Merchant
London, E2


The 2021 MM Wine Bond




Now in our third year of operating, we are excited to announce that our third Modest Merchant Wine Bond campaign (2021) is live and our Wine Bonds are now on sale.

We are offering you the exclusive opportunity to buy 12, 24 or 36 carefully selected MM bottles, paid for this month (March 2021) and delivered just 10 months later (February 2022) at a discount of 25-30% less than RRP.

In addition to this you will receive 10% off all of our wines online for a year, an invite to x4 wine tastings or events, your yearly changing exclusive Modest Merch and priority access to small allocations, new wines and events.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email here or to give us a call on 07865.079.876.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard - we're sure you will love it!

The Modest Merchant 


Please find a link to the Terms and Conditions here

Have a peak at what was delivered last month for the 2020 MM Bond
Level 1
- 12 bottles
Level 2 - 24 bottles (1/2)
Level 3 - 35 bottles (1/2)